It doesn't happen all the time, but when you come across such a person you will never forget it

In our lives when we meet someone for the first time, there are those certain people that we will never forget. I had the opportunity to meet Caitlyn Vogel back in 2019. I was working at a radio station in Minot, and she came in along with Samantha Redding. Both were Miss North Dakota Teens. Charm was written all over these two ladies. I distinctly remember how poised they were, of course, that comes with the territory when you are used to doing interviews everywhere. They easily made an impression on me.

Fast forward to the present

Check out the headlines from "Caitlyn Vogel of Minot, North Dakota proudly represented her home state as Miss North Dakota USA was named first runner-up to the title of Miss USA 2021 during the live television broadcast from Tulsa, Oklahoma on Monday, November 29, 2021" Yes, she is quite the representative of North Dakota in a million ways. Her confidence and smile radiate wherever she goes. A shining example of what a North Dakotan is all about. Her answers to anyone who poses a question to her are not just strategic replies, they are well thought and backed with experience.

My absolute favorite though comes truly from her heart

Without a doubt, my favorite comment from her was when she was asked to show anyone something in North Dakota, what would that be. reported that her answer was PERFECT. "... ‘I would bring you back home for dinner,’ because that’s when you see the beauty of our people and the personalities, and all of the traits that make North Dakota the way it is,” Caitlyn doesn't have to drop a mic and walk away by the way :)


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