Last year, it was 'Tan Mom' who took the title for Worst Song of the Year. This year, it looks like Buck 22 and Billy Ray Cyrus are the leaders in the clubhouse.

The song is called 'Achy Breaky 2' and it features Buck 22 rapping over a sample of Billy Ray Cyrus' 1992 hit 'Achy Breaky Heart'.

From the terribly awkward beat and the even worse rapping to the scantily-clad women twerking and random Larry King cameo, this song and video are easily the worst thing I've had the misfortune of watching so far this year.

Some of my "favorite" lyrics include:

Miley keeps twerkin' /  Daddy's song is workin' / Now, Billy sing that crazy hook again / WRECKIN' BALL!

It's songs like this that make me fear for our country as a whole.

Seriously, this is why other countries hate us.

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