As someone new to North Dakota, I have heard quite a few wives tales. The stuff I've heard so far has been pretty interesting, but not sure if it's true.

A good example of this is the fact that I've heard that animals come into town and screw up traffic. I heard once a Moose found its way on 3rd street causing a bottleneck (I wish there was some video).

Another story I was told was that mountain lions randomly sneak into town and surprise attack people on the regular so it's best to get a handgun to defend yourself. Kinda weird, but everyone I told this story to has neither confirmed or denied it, which adds to the disturbing nature. Are we really in the food chain here? Am I going to be walking down the street and some bald eagle is going to pick me off and drop me in the badlands?

Also what's up with Devil's Lake? Is there a sea monster that lives there? According to, there is. They also mention a Stairway to Hell in Tagus. This is where the rugged outdoor people have an advantage over us city slickers.

I guess my next couple of weekends will be full of traveling and checking out these North Dakota myths.

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