It's been a while since the fire and it looks like they are finally back. 

September 13th is the date that Barn officially opens. It's been two years since and we've missed it!  They're going to kick things off with a special dance commemorating their opening In Arthur North Dakota.

Originally the rumor was that the Barn would open last September, but weather and funding was an issue. Luckily Silverado and NDSU raised about $8,000 for the cause.

Ever since I bought one of Arthur's Barn's T-shirts last year as part of the fundraiser, I learned how many people were touched by that place over the years. The Dances were Legendary!  I also learned that they had raves in there as well. So many people around town were anticipating the opening of the Barn Last year, but it looks like they are finally doing things right and not rushing things.

This first dance will be epic!

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