This post I read this afternoon brought back a flood of memories from last year

The sad truth of reality these days is that there are so many people trying to use social media as a way of scamming those that are trustworthy. I had my mind all set on a PS5 that I saw online last September, quickly jumped at it, and after spending $600 never heard anything back again. People pretend to be someone they are not and seize the opportunity to trick others with false accounts and "Fake promises" - like for instance North Dakota State Fair concert tickets.

Like any loving mother, Jamie Baumann was excited about surprising her daughter with concert tickets

99.9% of us pretty much know the value of money, and the costs of living, and when we plan for something special, we don't even want to think about the possibility of getting scammed. Unfortunately, Jamie had her heart broken when she was stung by a downright crook - This is what she posted today on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook page:

"Attention anyone I got scammed from a gal named Chelsey Byrde for $200 for tickets to NDSF. She said she would transfer them to my ticket master account and then came back and said she needed more money. As soon as I said I guess I just got scammed I'll be calling my bank she blocked me. Lesson learned. I am usually so overly cautious about these things. I bought these tickets as a surprise for my daughter for her 15th birthday as she is a huge fan. I really hate that no one can be trusted anymore:

Jamie was sent a picture of a letter that looked legit from Ticketmaster about the July 24th Cody Johnson concert - North Dakota state fair - the snapshot showed where the tickets and the section, and the row they were in would be. This is how Jamie fell into the trap.

Outsiders easily shake their heads and are quick to say "How could you fall for something like that?"

Happens all the time. When you have a huge heart like Jamie does, and you are doing everything you possibly can to make her daughter Maeleigh Baumann's surprise birthday present so perfect, it's easy to drop your guard. My hope is that Jamie never stops trusting others, it's something we all need to hold on to, I also believe that a good attitude in life brings rewards. She relayed to me this afternoon that "...she had that money set aside for her daughter, and now she's out the money and the tickets. Dumb lesson learned" I'm just going to say that Jamie will move on rather quickly from this and get what she deserves, a hug from her daughter and I predict that her bank's fraud department will refund her loss. Always hold on to your heart Jamie.


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