It was another fun night a Bike night last night and for US 1033 staffer Bradley it was a great one for women. 

Every week at bike night this year has had some type of theme and last nights was no different. There were a lot of biker women on site and Bradley the US 1033 staff member was on the prowl. There were pickup lines like Hey man, I drive the US 1033 truck, to Tim Mcgraw and I are buddies. He tried anything to seal the deal and get those digits. The women, however, didn't feel the least bit threatened, because after all... its Brad ...its what he does. They actually had fun with it.

Here's what we learned this week at Bike night:

  • Kitten the Sickies Bartender now has Blue hair. Got it done last night so she can be ready for Sturgis
  • There is a Hogs for Paws event happening at Roughrider Harley Davidson this weekend wherein you can check out some bikes and rescue a dog.
  • The Ray Jay finally won .. Stynkerbell ( her bike handle ) hasn't won anything in the last couple of weeks. last night she broke the streak.
  • There were some real Weezer fans in the audience which was great that they won tickets to see them on Saturday.

Photos are below:

Bike night Bradley Pickup

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