When You are approaching a roundabout here in Bismarck, there should be like 4 or 5 signs in a row that tell you exactly what to do

That is my idea, just a series of signs giving you the correct steps ( there is not a lot ) on what to do when you and your car enter a roundabout. Please refrain from pulling your hair out when the madness comes to a peak. If for some crazy reason you have NEVER encountered one of these "North Dakota Bermuda Triangles", you will know the second you arrive at one.

Ok, so what IS a roundabout?

They are a creature all of their own. According to drivesafeonline.org  "A roundabout is a circular-shaped intersection where drivers move counterclockwise around a center point. You won't find any traffic signals or stop signs in most modern versions" In other words, every driver is expected to have a little bit of patience and yield to others. Good luck with that. One of THE most common aggravations was posted today on Bismarck People Reporting Loud Noises After Lark's Games ( BPRN ) "I wish that people leaving a roundabout would start using their turn single. That way when someone is coming they don't have to stop to see what you are going to do" There are at least two roundabouts in Bismarck and one in Lincoln that I know of.

Well then, what is the legal way to handle one of these?

According to the North Dakota Century Code 39-10-38, you are required to SIGNAL when leaving a roundabout. No honking like crazy and yelling out "Get the heck out of my way!!!" Lastly, I wonder, if you are driving a beat-up 2009 Chevy Impala ( not saying that I do at all ) will most people with fairly new shiny cars get out of your way? I think so!


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