All things seem to come to an end at one point or another, and Bismarck's landfill is no exception. After 28 years of service, it is close to capacity. According to KFYRTV once it gets 17 feet taller, then it can be covered and the new landfill can be used. The construction of the next landfill is almost complete. What would you guess how much trash is dumped per day? Pretty hard to even comprehend JUST how much is gathered. Think about just how many apartments, businesses, residential homes accumulate trash. The Bismarck landfill takes in on an average 300 TONS of garbage EVERY DAY! That is mind-boggling to me.

So exactly what happens when the last bit of trash brought in closes the landfill? The hill is capped to keep the waste in place. Waste crew leader Toby Sheldon went on to say “That’s two feet of compacted clay, then another 18 inches, then more clay, and then it’s seeded,” Then the retired landfill will be continued to be monitored for 30 plus years. Solid waste program manager Diana Trussell for the Department of Environmental Quality added: “They’re going to check it for erosion, make sure no waste is escaping."

What does the future look like for the brand new landfill? Will there be enough space? Sheldon says they have enough land to sustain them for the next 60 years. The Bismarck landfill is one of 13 in the state and it serves residents within a 55-mile radius of the site. The new landfill is expecting to open this summer.


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