I have to say I haven't had the chance to check out our Bismarck Landfill yet...

...but after a phone conversation this morning I kind of want to go check it out. Some people might say that all landfills are the same, and maybe that's right, but still, for some reason, I wanted to know more about our Bismarck Landfill.

I don't know why I was thinking about this today, but suddenly I had to know

So I picked up the phone and called over there - I had some burning questions that suddenly needed to be answered, and fortunately the perfect gentleman came on the line - his name is Toby and he has been there for 23 years.

"I've pretty much seen it all"

I can only try and imagine that. My first few questions were quite simple - "What is NOT allowed at the Landfill?" Toby fielded that quite easily "Hazardous liquids, human waste ( like blood in containers )...but I was pretty much expecting those items, so I quickly moved on to the exciting part - "What do you see the most of?" An array of furniture items, mattresses. On an average day, the landfill receives 350 tons of trash- and their range is 75 miles in and out of the city. The ONE thing he said I could relate to right away - "I've pretty much seen it all"

I'll bet he has heard this one before...

...so what are some of the craziest, unusual things you have come across?" His reply was rather comical "Adult sex toys, vibrators, and a TON other kinky items" The strangest thing he has ever seen was a "Monkey Hand" - as a matter of fact the day that someone spotted that, the Landfill was immediately closed - you see a "Monkey Hand" resembles a human child's hand ( no explanation on HOW the hand got there ). I had no further questions - thank you Toby for your time!


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