There are so many of us that take things for granted, and believe me I'm bigtime guilty in this department

I came across yet another genuine, compelling, honest post on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook page, and this is one of the reasons why I love this group, because it can compel others in BisMan to open up and reach out. For the most part, those that wish to respond to posts are positive, let me just share this with you and see if you feel the same way I do:

From  EJ

"This is very embarrassing for me to ask?
What are there for adults to do for trophies? I never got a trophy as a child. And I’d like to participate in something and earn one. To be proud of and display. What’s some ways people can as adults earn a trophy?
I know it’s lame. I can just buy one says best cook or tv watcher. But I’d like to participate in something and earn one and just be apart of something?"
As of this afternoon, he had over 111 comments, great ideas on what he could get involved with here in BisMan - once again there are so many that care about others in our city. His post brought back some wonderful memories of a couple of years ago when I was presented a beautiful glass statue at a banquet in San Diego.The honor of others thinking about me enough to do that was way more satisfying than the physical piece I had in my hand. This is what touched me about the words he wrote, he's just looking for the same kind of appreciation, everyone needs that at least once in their life.

I talked to EJ through a few messages, he's 24 years old, and is simply looking for something many of us have accomplished and probably forgot about

Trophies are plaques collecting dust, maybe on your bookshelf. Take a second and pick one of them up, and remember the feeling you first felt when you were handed the award - that's exactly what EJ is trying to receive, for himself. No fame or glory, just what it's like to be recognized, it's that pure and simple.

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