I think by now most people know I am pro-military, I have been my whole life. Having been raised in San Diego, a large military town. My respect runs deep for anybody who wears a uniform, whether it be the police or a firefighter, EMT's - and anyone else who serves our community and keeps us safe. We just had Veterans Day, and it was nice to from other people paying their respects.

One of the nice features we have in Bismarck is the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum. In the Inspiration gallery, there are cool uniforms on display representing the style from yesterday to today. Of course, there are many displays showing the history of North Dakotans in the Armed Forces, KFYRTV reports on one of the highlights that so many of us are unaware of, the maternity uniform -  a key turning point for women in the military, This is one area that Bismarck's own Billie Jo Lorius knows quite well. She was a member of the armed forces and an expectant mother. Billie Jo served in the military for almost 22 years and retired as a Sergeant First Class for the Army National Guard. “At first I felt weird, but then I just, you know they’re really comfortable and I really got used to it, and you know I mean, I was happy to be pregnant and still be able to serve my country,”  said Lorius, North Dakota National Guard. I am extremely in awe of anyone that serves our country, the commitment they have, but I can't even imagine carrying on with all your duties while being pregnant at the same time.

Fast forward to this year, Billie's son Ayden Frohlich, who is a sophomore in high school, is paying the highest respect to his mom - “I wanted to be a police officer. So, I could help people locally, but in the military, you can help people around the world. So, it’s more of like a broader spectrum of me being able to help other people,”  Like mother, like son.

A personal "Thank you" to Billie Jo Lorius for your service, and the same goes out to a future military young man! For more on this story click here.


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