One young man here in Bismarck, just 18-years old, living large and shining bright with personality, changed the lives of several people last week. There he was riding his motorcycle, wind at his back, feeling free, and then just like that an accident ended the life of Sam Von Arden. For those that heard about this and as the details became more clear, please stop with the negativity - choosing to chime in with comments like "Well the guy was driving way too fast" or that "he was too careless", etc. The time for all of us to support his family, friends, and loved ones is NOW.

       A gathering, a remembrance celebration of the life of Sam Von Arden

The Fox Island Boating Access was the scene just over the weekend as KXNET reported Friends and family members gathered on the banks of the Missouri River to celebrate the life of Sam Von Ruden. The fact of life is that these tragic moments are handled in many different ways - the grieving process is a private thing. The crowd that was there, celebrated every memory, shared special times that each individual had the opportunity to have experienced with Sam. Some may honor a lost life by doing what is necessary - like starting a GoFundMe to help out with any expenses that may come about for Von Ruden's family. According to KXNET one of Sam's best friends has raised over $10,000 already.

           Here is where we ask ourselves how we can help out

If you were one of the lucky ones, a friend of Sam, or you met him in passing - you are hurting just like everyone else is. I myself never had a chance to meet him or his family, but now I WANT to do something positive, to help his mom that is waking up every day to the emptiness of losing a son. KXNET offers up some news regarding The Brother’s Keepers Motorcycle Club - They feel the need to do something as well and have planned a benefit run for Sam.

As balloons were released into the air Saturday, people hugged, laughed, cried - everyone that was there said their own private goodbyes to a young man that will never be forgotten.


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