Seems like months ago I read about people hearing gunshots in the Bismarck area

Do you remember reading comments on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook group page? This was a couple of months ago where people were concerned about hearing gunshots in the Bismarck area. Several reports of shots being heard in different areas of town, not just the same vicinity. Then earlier this month, on the 4th, police reported that they were investigating a shooting between two vehicles ( you can read that here ). Last night the gunshots continued.

Similarities between November 4th and last night

KFYR TV reported that on November 4th, Bismarck Police was "... investigating a shooting between two vehicles in the 600 block of North 21st Street. Police found shell casings from a pistol at the scene" Last night gunshots were heard again in Bismarck, this time it was reported around Riverside Park Road. According to KXNET "Gunfire last night in Bismarck apparently produced "...bullet holes and shell casings, but no reported injuries or arrests" Just like the incident back on November 4th, police found shell casings at the scene last night.

Is this an act of random vandalism or could there possibly be a motive?

KXNET added that one individual talked to the police about several bullet holes were found on his car. So what do you think? Are these two incidents related? Thank goodness in both cases nobody was hurt. Could this just be random acts of vandalism or could there possibly be some kind of motive?


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