It's crazy finding out information on things you have just assumed all along wouldn't be a worry for people

I am single and have never had children, I also have had hardly, well make that zero, moments around a baby and a diaper. I wouldn't even know the first step on how to change a diaper. Of course, many people have, and know the headaches and financial pain-in-the-rear-end ( yes pun attended ) the whole process is.

The cost of diapers is not cheap, and North Dakota families are suffering from that

Because of me being so naive and having a complete lack of experience, I would have never known that diapers are so expensive. Obviously, they are needed for the baby's comfort. A Bismarck mom can tell you more about that. According to KXNET "Jackalyn Hawker is a stay-at-home mom of two; her kids are 5 years and 6 months old. Her family spends at least $100 a week on diapers and diapering needs" She's not the only one who suffers through the financial anguish, KXNET added that "Nationally, two-parent households spend about 12 percent of their income on child needs, while single-parent households use 42 percent of their income on childcare"

There is a group that comes to the aid of families in need

To help out with families in need of some help, there is a group called Project Bee that distributes diapers to those in need. There is currently one in Minot. There are many though that can't afford diapers, low-income families struggle, and this is exactly why U.S lawmakers are hoping the End Diaper Need Act passes. More programs would receive extra money to help families in need.

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