I guess summer is over - how do I know that? Well with the official Bismarck's Fall Clean-Up week coming, that would be a pretty good sign right there wouldn't you say? Remember now that the spring cleanup scheduled back in April was canceled due to COVID-19. I remember when I moved to Fargo like 6 years ago people would lay out things they didn't need, and those that were looking for almost anything would drive by and scoop it up, and off they would go ( more on that later ).

This is an opportunity for residents to get rid of what they deem unworthy and have crews come by and haul it away, at no cost. This begins next Monday ( the 21st ) and ends on Thursday ( the 24th ). Well, can we and cannot throw away? Crews will pick up items that are not normally collected on their route - and that two men can lift - you can take advantage of this on your regular scheduled garbage day. There are some items that they will NOT pick up such as appliances - and those may be taken to the landfill ( landfill charges will apply ). No hazardous waste or liquids accepted on the route. Crews WILL pick up some heavy items such as furniture and even tires. Bismarck residents who display their recent 2020 water bill will have free disposal during the weekdays next week. Wood items and large branches must be cut in 4-foot lengths and tied in bundles. I was curious about the notion of taking the extra time to just drive around and see what you can pick up, and what I didn't know was that it is illegal - it's called "scavenging", but I'm pretty sure most residents don't have a problem with it. For more info on Bismarck's Fall Clean-Up next week you can check out the website: www.bismarcknd.gov


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