We have a HERO right here in Bismarck, North Dakota. U.S. Army Reserve Chief Warrant Officer 4 Robert Olzweski has been chosen as one of the nation's 2021 Purple Heart Patriot Project honorees. According to the Bismarck Tribune, Olzweski is a veteran of the Vietnam War and Operation Enduring Freedom - Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient - In April he will represent North Dakota in a multiday tribute to the courage and sacrifice of America’s combat wounded.

Bismarck's very own served on active duty for more than three years in the Army and as a member of the Army Reserve for 35 years. The commitment and dedication this veteran has shown are remarkable. Our men and women who have worn a uniform in the past and who wear one now are never to be forgotten. While in Vietnam back in 1969, the tank that Robert was in was hit by a mortar round. He found himself wounded while another soldier lay dead. He eventually returned to combat duty.

The Purple Heart Patriot Project is a program of the National Purple Heart Honor Mission. The all-expense-paid trip includes visits to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, historic Washington’s Headquarters and the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor.  

We will all continue to follow U.S. Army Reserve Chief Warrant Officer 4 Robert Olzweski into April. It's always an honor for me to run across someone in our city that IS or HAS served our country. The sacrifices each individual has faced is pure inspiration for me. For more information, go to www.PurpleHeartMission.org. 


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