How did you celebrate Earth Day yesterday? Were you out and about taking a walk outside here in Bisman? Maybe you weren't even aware of it? The first Earth Day happened 51 years ago. Students back then were inspired by the anti-war movement, and that's when the day was organized. Twenty million Americans were also part of it and had their part in demonstrating against the impacts of industrial development. KXNET reported that Bismarck Parks and Rec were sought out to see how people can get more environmentally involved. There is one special place where most residents have not a clue about.

 “It’s a place where people can just be,” said Karen Ehrens, a volunteer at Bismarck Community Orchard. This is just one greenspace that the Bismarck Parks and Rec manages. So where is this enchanted place? You can find it inside the Clem Softball complex. “The tree rows keep it safe but also keep it hidden. So, a lot of people aren’t aware that this is here. And then, we do get a lot of trash and litter. It’s because it’s not used as much as it should be,” said Claire Lowstuter, a Local Foods Coordinator at Bismarck Parks and Rec. The Orchard is open to everyone! The Community Orchard site is home to apple and plum trees and various berry-producing shrubs.

Here is where you can come into play - The Bismarck Community Orchard is looking for volunteers and sponsors. They also have a spring cleanup event planned for the end of the month. Claire said they need more help during the summer months. For information on how you can get involved, click HERE.


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