We all have our "place to go" where we can breathe easy and relax a bit. Whether it's lacing up your shoes and going for a long walk, or playing video games, doing something for ourselves to relieve stress. All ages go through daily challenges, even children. According to KXNET, one organization in town is getting creative when it comes to dealing with kids and their up and down emotions. “We help kids from trauma-related incidences to anxiety, depression, child abuse, neglect, family relation issues, all of the normal issues.” said Heather Mattheis, a Therapist at Kids Therapy Center. Now I would guess that kids are way more difficult to read than adults. For the last ten years, the Kids Therapy Center has been there providing mental counseling for children, teens, and adults - and since the pandemic, it's no surprise that they have seen an increase in clients.

One of the new ways they offer is yoga therapy. Non-traditional yoga combined with traditional yoga is helping the staff heal children. Heather says that they are following social distancing if preferred “We are still wearing masks if families request us to and however it works best for the children and families for them to do their healing.”  With The increase in patients, as many as 30 a week, and along with more clients as well, they’ve had to increase services, add an additional building, and hire more people. Trauma-sensitive yoga helps those that have lost their sense of "self" and become feeling numb. For more information on everything the Kids Therapy Center offers go here.


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