Here's a guide on what can acceptable and unacceptable as far as tipping.

While visiting bar's and restaurants in my time as a new guy here, there are some observations I've noticed from some of the places. Apparently not many people tip 20% on their bar tab to the point that it's not even expected.

I also normally don't tip when I go to a Diner to do take out or if I go to Dickeys to do take out but I actually get dirty looks from the servers expecting a tip. So I wonder what is the proper tip etiquette in Bismarck-Mandan? The list below is a rule of thumb I use when determining how much gratuity to leave and hopefully is on par with This town.

  1. Bartender = 20%  standard 30% if he/she buys you back / 50% if She's attractive and you're trying to hook it up 
  2. Delivery Guy/Girl= 15% if they deliver 20% if they are on time, a knuckle sandwich if they cop an attitude. 
  3. Card dealer= A chip if you're on a 5 hand roll, 2 chips if you hit a monster hand 
  4. Barber= 20% if the hot towel you got has no nicks in your neck . 10% if there's one nick. Lawsuit if your spurting blood. 
  5. Waiter= 20% if he/she is on it , 30% if He/She is really on point , 5% if you're on the pay no mind list. 

Hopfeully that was helpful! Here are some more ideas from real simple .com

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