It was a very honorable thing to do on a weekend when we salute our service men and women. 

When a US flag is worn and tattered, an official burning ceremony is held to properly dispose of the flag.  Eagle Scout candidate Jake Southam place boxes all around Bismarck in order to collect retired flags. He received a whopping 347 flags of multiple sizes for a ceremony that was held yesterday.

It was held behind the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Bismarck and was a great display of honor and respect from the youngsters in town here.

Jake Southam organized the ceremony and hopefully, that will earn him the prestigious Eagle Scout award for his effort.

This Veterans Day weekend, it's important to respect all who have given their lives for the Flag of this beautiful country. This ceremony was just another way to remind us and it's great that it came from a leader of the boy scouts.

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