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It's 8 degrees out and all you have is your remote and the food you stocked up yesterday. Yes, this is the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch and put on a film that's going to kill 2-3 hours.

Now if you're like me, you probably have a stable of 20 movies to go to but if you decide to be adventurous, here are some crappy movies that you can't stay away from. The term is called Good bad movies. Films that are somewhat entertaining but are very simple and require limited intelligence to watch.  Here's a couple:



Most of what can be said about Armageddon has been covered by Ben Affleck in the film's commentary track, but his sarcastic burns of Michael Bay's reliance on cliche and unrealistic plot points generally sum up the blockbuster director's appeal: You know the movie is dumb, but things go boom and you'll love it anyway. Where Bay's more recent fare, like the Transformers movies, feel bloated and tedious, his late-90s work retains its cliched veneer without becoming boring. Sending oil rig workers into space to blow up an asteroid isn't intended to be realistic, and Armageddon milks its unreality for all its worth, leaving you ready for the cheesy, sentimental payoff the finale earns.

Jingle all the Way : 


Ah, what could be more fun than watching an Austrian bodybuilder cave to the crass demands of American consumerism? Nothing, we say! Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of his four appearances on this list, is a bad dad who can and WILL make his son happy by getting him the in-demand Turbo-Man doll as a Christmas present. Remember when people started stampedes for Tickle Me Elmos and crazy shit like that? Well, picture that, but with Arnold, Sinbad, and a tone that tries to make the objectively depressing demands of capitalism vis-a-vis family life seem like a fun holiday jaunt that also somehow involves bomb threats. Jingle All the Way still gets screened around the holidays, and it's difficult not to see the appeal of the strangely charismatic rivalry between Sinbad and Arnold. It wants to be a heartwarming movie, but decidedly isn't, which ironically is what makes it so fun to watch.

Over the Top: 


It was hard to narrow down the "best" Sylvester Stallone movies to go on this list. (Shout out to CobraTango & Cash, and Staying Alive.) The hulking '80s action icon is beloved by movie fans for his portrayals of Rocky and Rambo, two characters he helped create in his role as a screenwriter, but this arm-wrestling drama, on which he also has a writing credit, introduces us to Lincoln Hawk, one of his less-beloved-but-still-notable studies in masculinity. Over a score from electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder (and a stupefying theme song by Kenny Loggins), Hawk bonds with his estranged son and competes in the World Armwrestling Championship. It's not even that a movie about competitive arm-wrestling is a bad idea -- any subculture or niche sport can be mined for fun details and stories -- but the treatment of the subject is so melodramatic, so emotionally steroidal, that each frame glistens with baby oil. The title works as an apt descriptor of the whole experience.

If you like this game and want to see more of these Good bad Movies, there are 50 of them here.

Not to worry, Fargo isn't one of them. That film was awesome.

Try not to crush too many Oreos this weekend!

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