GettyImages-Ethan Miller
GettyImages-Ethan Miller

Here's something to think about. 

According to the Denver Post, Colorado has generated a billion dollars in marijuana revenue in record time. A lot of that revenue has come from the Edible market which is up 13% from last year.

Edibles are marijuana fused items like gummy bears and chocolate bars that can be up to 5x stronger than a regular joint.  

This, of course, comes at a time where full legalization is on the North Dakota ballot this year. It's fair to compare what's happening in Denver as the potential of what could happen here in North Dakota. We have ample farmland and the amount of money generated can be the shot in the arm for our economy.

Of course, it's not as simple as you think. Legalizing marijuana comes with its own set of problems, and would have to be regulated properly if it is to work. Edibles, for instance, are a great easy way to get where you need to go in the experience, but it's important to keep them away for children and/or people who wouldn't normally partake in order to not cause any mental harm.  Then there's the smoking and driving issue.

I'm sure if this law passes all of these issues will be regulated properly.


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