We are all keeping a close eye on just how the COVID-19 is affecting Bismarck/Mandan. We have seen the reports of Fargo, Grand Forks, and Minot imposing mask mandates, last night Bismarck City Commission approved what is coined as "Pandemic Mitigation Strategy". Now to me, that means from here on out, I WILL wear a mask when I enter a grocery store, or somewhere a group of people will be at. Why all of a sudden? Because I want to show respect towards others that are extremely concerned about the virus - whether you are convinced masks don't do a darn thing, there are a ton of reports that say it does. You should always air on the side of caution. Let's all try and get through this together.

With so much attention to coronavirus, the lives that have been lost, the threat of spreading the virus to others is well known, this is what we have dealt with since March - so why on earth are some people so vain, so uncaring, so irresponsible that they would easily risk passing on the disease to others for their own selfish ways? Let me give you an example, Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers - center stage - World Series - last night Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred received a phone call that Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner tested positive for COVID-19, he immediately called the owner of the Dodgers to get Turner off the field ( Game 6 of the series ) as quick as possible. Justin was removed and ordered to stay in isolation in a room outside the clubhouse. The Dodgers went on to win the game and the World Series and here is where everything completely goes out the window for Turner - as USA Today reported "The game wrapped up, the World Series trophy celebration commenced and Manfred left the field, only for Turner to return and join the celebration. Turner had been instructed by MLB security not to leave the clubhouse, but he refused, went onto the field, took pictures holding the trophy, hugged teammates, and even was in the front row of the team picture, with no mask, sitting alongside manager Dave Roberts, a cancer survivor". Turner flat-out refused to comply with the coronavirus protocol. He chose to run out on the field and hug all his teammates, and risk spreading the virus.  MLB officials were livid, and Manfred plans to issue a strong statement condemning his actions and promises a full investigation.

Justin Turner proved by his actions that he is an immature, self-centered, irresponsible clod. The complete lack of caring is obvious, and the scariest part of it all is, that could easily happen here. Imagine working at a normal job, with about 20 to 30 other employees, and you have tested positive. You are well aware of the dangers of spreading the virus to someone, anyone else - yet you make that choice to go into work and be around others. The bottom line here - be responsible for your actions. Have respect for other people - it's just that simple. For more on this ongoing story click here.





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