This is a pretty common concept in other cities, it's good to see it come to Bismarck.

The owners of The Craft Cade are going into 405 4th street in Bismarck. The concept they are bringing is one that craft beer has enjoyed in other cities and is something that could really have success in this market.

They're bringing a craft beer/pizzeria and beer hall with a little twist. They are also bringing retro arcade games as well.

In my experience in the craft beer world, this is a home run. There is a group called Barcade that has had a ton of success on the east coast and moves a lot of beer with that concept.

Couple that history of success with college students that exist in town and the fact that arcade games like Buck hunter, MS Pacman, and Joust are really cool to play, and you have a winning formula.

They are also experimenting with the idea of having customers pour their own beer...NIICE!

Sounds like this place is going to be hopping once they open in February.


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