So the  2018  Dakota garden Expo sponsored by Plant Perfect is in the books ... what did I learn?


As a newbie here in Bismarck there are times where I would like to say are learning experiences, and this weekend was one of them. As I spent Friday and Saturday at the Dakota Garden Expo I really got an education on a lot of things. Here are some:

  • The North Dakota Flag guy is really passionate about flags and our freedom. That comes with being a 10 or 15th generation flag person... WOW
  • The Single person sauna is not for me. Looked really good and useful but I'm a little bigger and I need to stretch out.
  • There are a lot of people passionate about yardwork here! The event was packed and after talking to a good amount of vendors, a lot of their products were sold out ... pretty sweet.
  • I should look into electronic massage equipment. I think the vendor was Fit team Global but that shock therapy was pretty awesome.
  • Got a nice education on North Dakota wine from Fluffy Vineyards up in Dickinson, definitely going to try to roll up there one weekend.
  • The Cool people at Plant Perfect gave me an education on plants and even answered my question on the definition of photosynthesis.

All an all, A fun-filled weekend at the convention center!




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