It's the Dakota Garden Expo weekend! And She can't wait.. Here's how to pass the time. 

Dakota Garden Expo Newsletter

If you are lucky enough to drop her off for a couple of hours at the Expo, here are some ideas to get through the day.

  • If she didn't leave you with the kids, this might be a good time to get a good 8 hours uninterrupted!
  • Go watch the game ... especially if you let her take the car, you could probably get in 2 baseball games and just uber home!
  • Listen to the Fox's Pink Floyd theme weekend and Burn one... good thing to do on the back porch which would be so inviting with the great weather we're going to be having. Just use Visine when you're done.
  • Sit at home, crush Oreos' and watch TV Al Bundy style. Yeah, there's always that.

Anyway, whatever you do, hope you make the most of your time because it's like a free day off and they don't come by often.


Good Luck !


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