Here's what to do when you're a man and you get dragged to the Expo 

Townsquare Media-Bismarck
Townsquare Media-Bismarck

Not saying there aren't things of interest for men at the expo, but usually, when she drags you somewhere it can't ever be good.

So now you're at the Dakota Garden Expo looking at flower pots and different seeding options thinking oh my God, my Saturday is ruined! Don't worry because there are things for you to do at the expo.

  1. You can get a sandwich at Lucky Duck's deli that would buy you 10 minutes of alone time.
  2. You can check out the cool Bobcat machines... hopefully one would spin out of control ( kidding)
  3. Tell her you'll be back in a second and sneak over to take a nap on one of mattress firms mattresses.
  4. Check out the Hot Springs spa's and pool tables especially if you take your bathing suit.

I'm sure there are other things that could help pass the time eh hem ( edibles) but if you get caught going, just remember the smile and say yes ma'am every 20 minutes!

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