There is nothing more aggravating than coming out to your car and seeing a side window busted, all your valuables inside stolen - The work of a neighborhood thief. Also just as frustrating is vandalism, usually, when A moron or groups of idiots become bored and run around slashing tires or graffiti - someone thinks they are artistic enough to spray paint some graphic picture or some kind of saying ( that's supposed to mean something ). Bismarck police are asking all of us to keep our eyes open for someone or some people who are running around causing a stir of some destructive acts to some downtown buildings - police are also asking if local businesses can check their security cameras to see if anything was captured on film of the vandalism. A somewhat minor clue is the word "cran" that has been sprayed on to several places, maybe someone out there knows what that word means, or who it could be linked to.

Karma is a dangerous thing to mess with, first of all, whoever this devious law-breaking person is, made a fatal mistake - they messed with Bismarck's Big Boy. Once again "cran" was spelled out, this time on Big Boy's knuckles on the statue, and on the menu of Bismarck's Big Boy at 2511 E Main Avenue. NOW you have done it, your time is running out - first of all, the owner of Big Boy has posted a $1,000 reward for your arrest and conviction. So listen, unless you want the whole town after you, give up NOW! Running around and causing havoc here and there will only last so long, but when you cross that line and damage Big Boy, you have dinged all of us as well - Karma is now coming after you! -


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