What does the word "Hero" mean to you?

There are many words that pop into my head when I hear the word "Hero" - one of the first things I think about is a person that stands tall in their actions, putting themself in harm's way to protect someone else. There are those that do whatever they can to help raise money or aid in the community by lending a hand and volunteering their time - that's a hero in my book. Unselfish and unafraid to get involved in tense situations. A couple of days ago here in Bismarck the "Ultimate Hero" made an appearance and then just as quickly disappeared. No fanfare, no waiting around to be recognized and thanked for what he did, he simply took care of business.

How many of us would have done what he did?

I really doubt that many, but we really don't know how each one of us would react until we are physically there. Here is what happened - last Sunday late afternoon, kxnet.com reported  "Bismarck police were chasing a suspect near Washington Street and Arbor Avenue on Sunday just after 5 p.m. According to a Bismarck Police Facebook post, police say a man saw it happen, jumped out of his car and tackled the person who police were chasing" The police took over from there, and then the hero drove off. No waiting around, no talking to reporters, like I said, just taking care of business. Would you have risked your comfort and safety to do what that man did? A split second here and there for you to think "What if the suspect is armed with a knife or any other kind of weapon, WHY should I get in the middle of it? Non-of my business..."

A "Hero" makes it his or her business, to do the right thing, instantly

Today somewhere out in Bismarck/Mandan, a man is humbly going about his day, either at work or who knows where else - knowing 100% that he would do the same thing again, and again, and I feel we are lucky to have this person around -thank you for your service!

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