PLEASE, someone, anyone - IF this suspect is found guilty, whatever penalty that is delivered to him is NOT ENOUGH.

A suspect has been arrested in Fargo for an unthinkable act of sheer terror. Literally, it was all I could do to keep reading the horrific details of what this guy ( 23-year-old Carlos Perez ) has been accused of doing. I grit my teeth with anger, shaking my head at the evil such people do. This particular act is flat-out cowardly and done in an attempt to "get back" at his girlfriend.

Just a quick warning, some of the following details will enrage you, and put a sickening thud in your stomach

According to  "A man viciously burned his partner's cat on a stove before "microwaving" the pet and threatening his girlfriend "that would happen to you next. Detectives in Fargo, North Dakota, responded to an alleged domestic dispute and the woman claimed Perez had become angry after she failed to return home early from work, She allegedly received photos from her partner showing him holding her cat over a lit stove burner."

The cat lost its life because an inhumane individual resorted to "punishing and threatening" his girlfriend

This guy is also accused of "...slapping her in the face, attempting to lock her in a closet, and breaking her cell phone when she tried to call 911"  I hope that this clown receives a quick trial and is put away for a long, long, long time. Someone with that kind of hatred will likely act again with horror if provoked.

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