Let me be more clear, this is a nightmare anyone would hate to go through, and it happens a lot

So who knows what floats each other's boat? That's all personal and usually between a few select groups of people, right? I guess I should tell you that when someone feels the need to share certain body parts OR all of them in a photo, it's a pretty darn good idea that -  A) You are going to capture all of your nakedness with your own phone or camera and most importantly - B) Triple check yourself a thousand times over before you send that special nude pic out. This is the horror that Lt. Tommy Ray has had to re-live every day since September of last year.

Both A and B of what I wrote in the last paragraph were not followed

Here is what happened, according to valleynewslive.com "Lt. Tommy Ray received a letter of reprimand from Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner after official documents reveal Ray sent a nude photo of himself to another deputy on his county-issued cell phone. The text was sent on Sept. 5, 2021. Ray stated the text was meant for his wife" An internal investigation was held and determined that Ray had not broken any criminal or federal laws. Would this just disappear? Hardly.

The photo is still stirring up controversy

There is an anonymous email group that has been poised to causing problems within the Cass County Sheriff's Office. "Code 4 Media flooded news outlet email inboxes earlier this month claiming they were an anonymous group aimed at holding elected leaders accountable. 11 days after the anonymous group sent emails to reporters across the state, Cass County reserve deputy Ben Longlet was placed on administrative leave" valleynewslive.com reported. It's been reported that Longlet's job has been threatened. Investigations continue.

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