If you live in Fargo, they want you to leave your mask on, thank you very much. According to KFGO on a 3-2 vote, the Fargo commission approved keeping the city mask mandate in place at certain businesses, at least for now. This has been agreed upon until at least February 18. Of course, North Dakota saw the State mask mandate expire back on the 18th of this month. Arguments for and against the mandate have been discussed. Commissioner Dave Piepkorn and Commissioner Tony Gehrig have argued that the mandate causes "confusion". My question to that is "confusion HOW?" If there is a mandate in place, and you are told that you must wear a mask when you are out and about, that certainly doesn't seem unclear and confusing to me. They also brought up that the mandate "infringes on people's rights and should be dropped" Piepkorn went on to say that the drop in COVID-19 cases in Cass County does not justify wearing masks - the term he used to better self describe the mandate was "baloney".

Mayor Tim Mahoney (no relation to baloney by the way) voiced his disagreement, stating that he hopes the numbers continue to go down, but the way the virus works  “if you anticipate too soon, sometimes things go back up.”  Commissioner Arlette Preston added that Fargo Cass Public Health recommended that the mask mandate stay active until more vaccinations are completed. She then said that a decision on the mandate can be revisited in two weeks.





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