Every threat is considered and taken seriously

In this day and age, threats are more than just that. Some people can deliver words that cause so many to worry, and for a good reason. Sometimes people might tend to just think "Ahh that's just someone or somebody trying to pull a stupid prank, and gain some attention". Well whatever their motive is, officials have to take every threat seriously.

'going to shoot up the school on Monday'

According to valleynewslive.com "Valley News Live received a message on its Whistleblower Hotline Wednesday night from someone saying that they’re ‘going to shoot up the school on Monday,’ a DL school, but did not say which one" They go on to say that this isn't the first time a threat has been issued. The last one was back on November 1st.

The threats have been called in by a juvenile

Both of the threats called in were placed by a juvenile, officials say. This is why some people will believe it's just for attention, but still, you can't afford to make that assumption when possible lives could be lost.

Confusion of which school the caller was talking about

valleynewslive.com added "Detroit Lakes Police said because it wasn’t clear if the caller meant Devils Lake or Detroit Lakes, a larger police presence was provided at those schools" Let's hope police and officials can catch whoever phoned these in as quick as possible, so parents and students can breathe easier. The days of just saying "Oh it's just some kid playing a joke" are long gone.

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