Will someone please explain WHY people use emojis in conversation? I would love to know what brainchild invented this idiotic lazy form of communication. Heck, there are some people that don't even use WORDS anymore. These God awful emojis are sent via text messages. The line of thinking is that these stupid things will explain what the person is feeling, without having to actually THINK about forming words into sentences. I can proudly say that my text messages have syllables and brilliant WORDS that will go on to say EXACTLY what's on my mind. Let me give you an example - "Hey honey, I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach, let's go out tomorrow night instead". Message sent, clear concise, and right to the point! So many people would rather just send some awful emoji of a guy spewing out green vomit. Thank you for the visual you have now planted in my head, of you bending over a toilet spraying your guts out. Listen, any guy who sends you over a Rose emoji instead of the real thing, dropkick that loser.

If I were the President of the United States, the use of ANY emoji would land you in front of a firing squad. One more thought, WHY do people think the poop emoji is useful? Do they think it's cute? Are they using it as an insult to someone else or what? The ONLY emoji WORSE than the poop one, yep, the poop flipping you off. Here is my list of the Top Ten IDIOTIC emojis.

Top 10 IDIOTIC emojis

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