For the past 23 years, Richard Fleckenstein has been an owner/co-owner of Super Slide Amusement here in Bismarck

The park opened in 1967 and is STILL around. The basics of a solid entertaining park are simple, to provide joy for all ages. For Super Slide one old friend is about to leave us.

An Announcement from the Super Slide Amusement Park last month will no doubt leave a lot of people feeling sad:

After 43 years of rides at the Super Slide Amusement Park our beloved Critter Track is retiring. A new train ride will be going in its space.
Monday September 4th will be the last day to get a ride.
We invite you all to stop down and take a last ride or recreate your old pictures. If you have pictures and memories of the Critter Track to share with us, please do so below!"

43 years, wow. It really is like losing an old friend, this afternoon I had a chance to talk to Richard on the phone - "I'm sad, however, we are going to take our next project and make it into a parade train" - Yes, a NEW friend is on the near horizon. This new ride will have farm animals and room for parents as well! They are planning on putting it in this fall and be ready for next spring. So long old friend, thank you for the memories.

As always, I asked Richard my favorite question - "What do you like the best about your job?"

"Seeing people smile, laugh, and having a great time - good quality fun"

Indeed - A true gift in life is doing what you LOVE to do, and that sounds like Richard Fleckenstein



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