"No Travel Advisory" - let's explore what that means - if you are from North Dakota or have lived here for a while, you have experienced this

Plain and simple - according to dot.nd.com "No Travel Advisory" means "Motorists should not travel due to hazardous conditions which may make it unsafe to travel..."   -- so here is the thing, like a lot of people I know, when that warning has been given, many of us still think they can make it to work, or where ever they think is so important that they risk their life trying to get there. Just a few weeks ago, my thoughts were "Hey it's ONLY 3 miles, and there is NO traffic - just take it EXTRA slow" That worked fine until I slid off into a ditch getting off the highway - it happened THAT quick.

Police officers responded to more than 175 crash reports on December 26

Think about this, that "175" are only from accidents that the police could get to yesterday. With the weather warming up a bit and two days of projected sunshine, "Bismarck Police Department has lifted the no travel advisory for the City of Bismarck but is still recommending an abundance of caution as road conditions vary throughout the city...' That was from a Bismarck New Release yesterday afternoon. I so respect some local businesses that make the effort to stay close for the time being to ensure the safety of their employees and any potential customers:

I have learned my lesson, NOTHING is as important as my life and others as well.


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