THIS is one of my favorite places in all of Bismarck and Mandan

It's not a restaurant or anything fancy like that. Sorry, you won't find any form of entertainment inside, like TV sets or a pool table. This place is pretty much open to anyone, the porch invites those that want to sit outside for a bit, conversation or solitude. What this charming building offers are hope, courage, and understanding. Honesty and trust are gifts waiting inside.

This was one of the addresses I visited when I moved here right before COVID kicked in

I had just moved from Minot while finding an apartment to live in sight unseen - the very first thing I wanted to do was find a place I could go to - to be among others that need some comfort, to "feel at home", to just listen or to speak - it's an extremely personal journey where everyone is different, yet we all share a common bond. Some people come here as much as they can, while others may drop by every once in a while. My belief is that newcomers learn from the old-timers AND WITHOUT A DOUBT the other way around as well.

One of the ironic things about this place is that a bar is within walking distance, in fact, they are literally neighbors...

...but that's ok. You see those that have seen miracles happen here, the countless lives that have been restored, anonymity is the strength of this special haven - they don't let the bar bother them, its merely just a neighbor - For me, I just can't rest after 5,272 days, 173 months, and 14 years and THINK that I am cured - that I "got it made" - because I know that just around the corner it's ready to consume my whole life once again, it's just that deadly. So whether I pull in to go inside. or just drive by, the magic is ALWAYS there. Finally, for some of you who may be curious about what this place is all about, I strongly encourage you just simply take a peek inside, it could save your life.


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