So Major League Baseball FINALLY settled the squabble between the players and the owners, we all breathed a sigh of relief and watched our "National Pastime" kick off their 60 game season last Friday. Opening Day! It's a special day that all baseball players from the little leagues to the Pros can love. Hopeful young teams with dreams of making the World Series, to the seasoned veterans who have been there before - They all have butterflies in their stomach, and it's a magical day. This year though things are different, this season kicked off with the deadly coronavirus forcing empty stadiums, no fans permitted. There are some changes in travel, limiting the teams to play teams mostly in their division. Not every player has shared excitement about baseball in 2020, so they have chosen to opt-out of playing this season and still receive their pay and service time.

The First pitch was Friday, and three days later some startling news right out of the box - The Miami Marlins found out that from tests administered on Friday three players had tested positive. An additional test was done in Philadelphia before their game with Phillies yesterday, causing travel plans, flying back to Miami, to cancel. This is just one complicated issue MLB will face if they expect to complete a full 60 game season. With some cities peaking with COVID-19, it doesn't seem possible that outside teams could come in for like a 3 game series without having any length of quarantine. Flights, hotels, travel, airports are all high risks. Will the real numbers game-$$ - make it worthwhile in the end, or will Major League Baseball be forced to make a sensible, yet an agonizing decision to END the season NOW. Only time will tell. For more on this story click here.


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