One of my childhood memories that stands out the most was dinner time. My sister and I were allotted one day a week to pick out our favorite meal. My mom of course being the chef - About 99% of the time I would choose lasagna. This system seemed to work out pretty well until my stepdad requested his pick - EGGPLANT - YUCK!!!! I'm still horrified by the sound, smell, and everything else related to that ghastly...whatever it is.

I am grown up now, and I have circled the date of July 29th on this year's calendar. Why? Come on, it's National Lasagna Day. Check out something that just recently caught my eye, according to KXNET there is a group in town called "Lasagna Love" - besides making terrific food, these nine volunteers in the Bismarck/Mandan area are feeding those that could use a little help. This group shares many common interests - they LOVE to cook, and their hearts are huge. Many will set aside some time out of their day and devote that to helping others. This isn't just a local thing, there are 50 volunteers throughout the state of North Dakota. Some of the people that help out do have full-time jobs, but this passion feeds their energy and delicately tends to others. The volunteers are modest and they realize how tough it is to seek a little help from time to time - as in a lasagna dinner for a hungry family.

The "Lasagna Love" Movement was founded by Rhiannon Menn - she began this project at the start of the pandemic - her pure love for looking and her care for others is what has inspired others. Representatives from the Lasagna Love organization encourage anyone wanting to get matched with a meal or volunteer to do that through their website. 

 I have added a wonderful, charming video - Three minutes and four seconds of sheer bliss. 


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