When you think about it, as soon as like three weeks ago, we all went about our jobs, taking care of business, "Working For The Weekend" as Loverboy used to sing about. Now since coronavirus came barging in our lives, we go day-by-day wondering if we'll still be at work the next day. So many businesses have been forced to close their doors for a time being, as we all face the "Wait and see what happens" scenario. That's what is going on now, all over the country.

Here in town, it is comforting to see that some places are staying busy, actually picking up a bit. Then there are those companies that have joined the list of temporarily shutting down, or limiting their hours of operation. Some restaurants have become creative through all of this madness, offering delivery options. the struggle is real for most places, and the key is to adapt the best they can. For more on this story, click here.


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