We are days away from limping into 2021, having spent most of this past year living with COVID-19. What we all used to take for granted was suddenly taken away - businesses, restaurants, local sports came to a halt. We all have adapted the best way we could. There is one gentleman that took all this IN STRIDE - literally -  his name is Bob Beth. The best way to describe what Bob has been up to the last 27 years and seven months is this: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". 

Yesterday ( Monday ) was his last day on the job as a mail carrier - retiring from the United States Post Office here in Mandan. This made me stop to think of just how we all take for granted the ease we have in getting our mail. Sure there may those rare days when severe weather hampers their ability to deliver on time, but consistency is a mail carrier's middle name. To those that live on Bill's route, they will miss a friend that stopped by with a smile and an offering. He had the same route for the last 12 years, and for taking one last trip through the neighborhoods, dogs perked up, watching their two-legged buddy approaching - Beth relived all the memories of each house, mailbox, and residents that he came across - doing his job, spreading his easy-going attitude towards Mandan. KFYRTV reported that Bill said it best when recalling why he started out on this route “The people. The ones I work with and the one’s I deliver to,”  No pun attended, but it's a two-way street and Bob Beth will be missed terribly.

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