A Minnesota family glad to be out and about, enjoying the outdoors again, free from the pandemic handcuffs, set out for a fun trip to the Cloquet River last May. Armed with three kayaks and an aluminum canoe their goal was simple, to enjoy the scenery, get some much needed fresh air, have some fun. Some problems starting happening fairly soon into their adventure, for starters nobody in their group had any experience with handling paddling in the icy rapids.Abigail Faas and her children, her boyfriend, mother, and two others were simply not prepared for the elements that rose - like rushing water that rudely forced several of them into the violent stream. The aluminum canoe had wrapped itself around a rock in the middle of the stream, and that's where Abigail's 18- year old daughter Isabella stood as well. Stuck smack dab in the middle of the Cloquet River.

A few of the group made it to shore, while others tried to head downstream to retrieve some items that had fallen out of the now-wrapped-around-a-huge-rock-and-not-going-anywhere- canoe. Many members of the trip prepared for the idea of having to spend the night, gathering some food that was wrapped in plastic, one of the maps they had brought with them pointed out that they were now deep in the forest - and too far away from any signs of help. A 911 call to a volunteer St. Louis County Rescue Squad solidified the notion that they were indeed stuck and to stay put. I'm pretty sure this group had no idea that by the end of the day, the Marsh Monster would be called in to save the day. The Monster is an amphibious vehicle that can easily cut through swamps and other difficulties, it can also haul up to five cold, tired grateful people. Their harrowing ordeal now over, no injuries, and newfound respect of what the outdoors can really deliver. For more on this click here.


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