On today's episode of dumb criminals, we look at a man who tried to steal $4,000 in merchandise...then dropped his wallet. 

According to KX News, 22-year-old Dustin Johnson spent seven hours in Minot's Hobby Lobby gathering nearly $4,000 of merchandise in a cart. His genius plan? To try and flee with the entire shopping cart.

The snow stopped the cart and flipped it over causing Johnson to trip. KX News reports that he fled the scene but left behind his wallet which included identification.

After reading this story a few things came to mind:

  1. How far did he think he was going to get with that cart? Was he just going to continue running with $4,000 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart down the street?
  2. What was he attempting to steal from Hobby Lobby? I would imagine $4,000 is quite the cart full. Is he super into crafts? Redecorating his home? I want to know.
  3. I love the fact that all of his information was left behind for law enforcement when he dropped his wallet. That's Karma, my friend.

Johnson has been arrested for theft of property.

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