I first heard about this over the weekend and immediately a million questions ( maybe just a few ) popped into my head

Did you ever see the movie Office Space? There was a scene that about 99% of us can all relate to, an office printer that had terrorized the employees for who knows how long. The inefficient machine met its untimely destruction when the three workers joined in and bashed it to oblivion with a baseball bat. Have you ever wanted to simply wreck something, either at work or home? NOW there is a place in Minot that welcomes and invites you over to indulge in your "human wrecking ball" fantasy, and it's perfect.

"Let's Destroy It" - 300 30th Ave NW Suite B, Minot, ND

I had a chance to talk to Crystal Eckert Lewellyn today, my questions were plenty! She has had this idea for quite a while, her goal was to have a place people, businesses, and even families of all ages could come to let their hair down, and relieve themselves of life's frustrations - by destroying things. The size of her 12 by 15 room is suited for you to pick up a weapon of destruction - ( hammers, bats, sledgehammers, golf clubs, etc ) and go at it. Heck, you don't even have to clean up your carnage. There are protective clothing, and face shields for the adults - "We do not have protective clothing for kid sizes so please make sure they are long sleeve shirts and jeans!"

This is a brand new place, underway now for about a month.

Crystal said for now, that they are just taking online bookings - and you can click here. One of my first thoughts to her was "I'm sure you and your husband Sean have a waiver for people to sign" - of course, everyone that participates does. She wanted to stress to me just how safe her place is, but can you imagine how hard it was for them to find an insurance company that would back this business? I say that not in a negative way one bit, Crystal told me it took a while for that to happen. Out of experience now, she and Sean have learned that when someone brings in a printer to obliterate, to make sure the ink is taken out first. Yikes, can you imagine the mess?

Here is the most important thing....

She wants to make sure that everyone understands that her place is for EVERYONE to come to and just have fun. Yes to burn off aggression, but she has a safe environment and really likes taking ideas on how her business can improve. I personally think "Let's Destroy It" is a SMASHING good idea ( get it? )


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