Even I am way too young to remember how radio was -  when families used to huddle around an ancient set with a show about to begin. This of course was before television took over. One of the craziest incidents of course was the infamous H.G Wells The War Of The Worlds broadcast that aired October 30, 1938.

While the broadcast was unraveling live, so many people were fooled and there was literally panic in the streets in some cities. Talk about "Theater Of The Mind" - This was it definitely!

Well, just a mere 83 years later radio is still so effective and now that there is Social Media, there are many different ways to entertain an audience. Today people listen to the radio on their way to and from work, as usual, and sometimes they find themselves hooked on a certain Podcast. History tells us that this came from what was called "audio blogging" - dated back to the 1980s.

Podcasts are an excellent vehicle for people to talk about topics, they can record episodes on whatever they are interested in, and relay that to an interested audience. Check what some creative Minot, ND performers have been up to - according to KXNET Popular podcast “Midwest Murder” is hitting the road, after three successful and sold-out live broadcasts in their hometown. Their tour kicked off on April 22nd and here are some dates you can catch them at:

Tonight, April 28th, at Phat Fish Brewing in Dickinson
• Thursday, April 29th, at 510.2 Speakeasy in Bismarck
• Friday, April 30th, at DCR Brewing Company in Fargo
• Saturday, May 1st, at Fergus Brewing Company in Fergus Falls, MN
• Sunday, May 2nd, at Rhombus Guys Brewing Company in Grand Forks

If you are a fan of shocking, unnerving, and live true-crime storytelling, you are in for a treat. Tickets are $30.00 and include one free drink.
Tickets can be purchased on FaceBook and EventBrite.

"Theater Of The Mind" performed right in front of your eyes - Love it!



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