When an injured Kirk Cousins left the field on October 29th the hopes of a possible Super Bowl championship slowly began fading away

Even though the Vikings won that game against the Green Bay Packers 24-10 at Lambeau Field, Cousins had just suffered a season-ending injury. This was a crushing blow for all SKOL fans, for they were so used to the consistency of Kirk Cousins, who had never missed a game because of injury in his 12-year career. Well let's not push the panic button yet, at that point of the 2023 season the Vikings were 4-4, so hey maybe they would pick up Carson Wentz?

Joshua Dobbs to the rescue???

A 28-year-old named Joshua Dobbs ( I know, rhymes with Roy Hobbs ) was picked up from the Arizona Cardinals - he was sensational in his first game, leading Minnesota past Atlanta - BUT then reality set in as opposing teams began stifling his running and passing skills - November 27th rolled around and Chicago intercepted him 4 times as Da Bears won 12-10 in Minnesota. The last 8 games have been just painful, as the Vikes have won only 3 of them, one of them a pathetic 3-0 win against Las Vegas.

Yesterday, New Year's Eve

Green Bay had their revenge, in Minnesota, as the Packers romped 33-10 - Minnesota fans sat uncomfortably through not just one, but two non-inspirational QBs - Jaren Hall, and Nick Mullens. The ONE shining moment was a SHIRTLESS Kirk Cousins - check it out:

How much is Kirk Cousins missed? A TON

It took 12 years for some fans to see just how valuable Kirk Cousins is - for his talents, his loyalty, his leadership, AND the dignity he brings to the sport. Here is a prime example of sportsmanship at its finest:

FACT: Kirk Cousins' Contract ENDS With The Vikings After THIS Season

Simple solution  - Do not let him go!

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