How many people remember the "old days" when as a kid an airplane model took forever to put together?

First of all, you had to make sure you took all the plastic pieces out of the box ( making sure you didn't lose any of the important items ) - then accidentally glue parts of your fingers together. When you were done, you had a lopsided ( what resembled ) plastic plane. Check out what's going on in Minot.

Dakota Territory Air Museum  - Be a part of a "Learn and Build a Model Session"

The address is 100 34th Ave, NE, Minot, North Dakota. You can be part of something way cool. Check out what they posted on their Facebook Page:

"*Edit to add we will be doing a different P-51 model than the one we did in the first session! This one will be a Red Tail of the famous Tuskegee Airmen!
Our next Learn and Build Model Session will be Saturday, February 17, 2024, from 1 pm-230pm and will feature the P-51 Mustang!
Join us for an in-depth tour of one of the museum’s P-51’s and then you’ll have the opportunity to build your very own Mustang to take home with you! Spots are limited to just 20 participants ages 8+!"

You can register here -

Take a look at these kids...

Dakota Territory Air Musuem Facebook
Dakota Territory Air Musuem Facebook


...proudly holding a replica of their own - this is a fun, awesome way of sharing some aviation history with others - Check out available merchandise at or by visiting our website, - Who knows, maybe one of these kids will be a full-fledged pilot one day soon!

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