This story freaks me out big time. I have a major fear of heights and flying. I usually fly to San Diego twice a year, and that's way too much for me. Now I know what everyone says  "It's the safest form of travel" - BUT still. So when I heard about what happened just recently, I still cringe. Brenda Dohn from Wishek, North Dakota and her family were on a flight last Saturday headed for Hawaii when the unthinkable became a reality. Take a look...

The family of five were aboard United Airlines Boeing 777-200 headed from Denver to Honolulu with 226 other passengers and 10 crew aboard, cruising along when a catastrophic failure in its right engine occurred. Imagine the horror of looking out the window and seeing flames erupting under the wings. According to KXNET Brenda described the moment she realized the terror unfolding “It almost felt like it was an explosion. It was a boom and it was a big boom, not something small. You knew something had happened, it was an absolute,” Initially there were some screams heard, Brenda voiced hers as well, but the soothing hand of one of her daughters reached out in comfort, and the flight crew was in constant communication with all the passengers in the roughly four-minute or so safe descent to an emergency landing. Yesterday (Sunday) U.S. regulators announced extra inspections of Boeing 777 jets with this same type of engine. The Dohn's are in Hawaii now enjoying their vacation, and there is no way I can imagine what it would be like to get back on another flight after an incident like that.



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