Ok YES, this man is from North Dakota, YES this man is a well-known celebrity, and YES we can all relate to this video

Here is the thing, you don't have to be a sports fan to appreciate this story, not at all. When you think about your high school days, fond memories of cheering on your football team - win or lose - it's the spirit that counts. This 35-second video perfectly sums up what I just wrote, doesn't matter WHO you are and WHERE you are, school pride is in all of us.

Just recently Minot High School accomplished something that had been missing since 1980

In Fargo, the date was November 10, 2023. Fargodome was alive with parents, relatives, and fellow classmates - they were all there to see Minot High vs Fargo Shanley. The winner would be the State Champs. This is something the Magicians had not achieved since 1980. The game looked out of hand when Minot High fell behind 28-7. Like a Hollywood script, the Mags began its comeback. With the score tied -the last play of the game came down to a 20-yard field goal attempt from Minot's Kellan Burke. Everyone held their breath, INCLUDING a Minot High alum - Superstar, super celebrity Josh Duhamel.

After a 43-year drought - you better believe that school spirit and pride - AND the technology on your cell phone...

...brings you a glorious moment to bask in the glow of something wonderful, something powerful, and puts you right back to when YOU were in High School!  Once again, it doesn't matter WHO you are, your hometown will always be in your heart. Check this video out:

    Simply put...AWESOME!


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