Just last week I wrote an article about a man in Fargo who had been arrested for domestic abuse

This Fargo man had sent pictures to his girlfriend in an attempt to "get back at her" - the photos contained numerous acts of torture the suspect had put this poor cat through. His intention was to eventually kill it, which he did. To make this perfectly clear, I am obviously not a writer nor am I a news reporter - but this horrible story really hit me hard, and I feel compelled to share a personal experience that I will never forget.

I don't want to make any false accusations, but I'm fairly certain this Fargo man has no idea how much his actions have hurt others

I can only imagine that any PHYSICAL pain this Fargo suspect may have dealt his girlfriend, she will no doubt be scarred MENTALLY the rest of her life - and that part I can relate to. Take a look at the cover picture of this story, which is a Google Maps still shot of the fence that separated our old backyard from the front yard, that is actually the same spot someone threw my dog, Andy, with his leash still around his neck, over the fence. A knot was tied at the top, and another at the bottom - hung to death. I still bear the guilt of having somehow lost Andy, as he got loose - was missing for just over a day. I'll never forget coming home from school, looking through the kitchen window, and seeing my dog playing in the yard - but he wasn't - he was struggling to touch the ground with his paws, but the killer maneuvered him so that he couldn't. I was 12 years old then. To this day,  I have nightmares at least a couple of times every few months.

To the Fargo suspect that murdered a human being's pet...

...there is no way you can repair the damages you have inflicted, and it's news events like this that continue to bring me pain.

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